Friday, December 9, 2011

Lactacyd Liquid

Lactacyd Liquid contains a natural and mild cleansing ingredient extracted from milk and maintains the natural skin acidic pH. Lactacyd Liquid not only cleanses gently yet thoroughly, it also nourishes and protects your skin by strengthening its natural defenses. 

 Lactacyd Liquid is a natural cleansing agent of 2 fundamental components:

 ✓Lactic Acid: Lactic acid is natural skin acid which contributes to skin acidity and protects the skin from bacterial invasions.

 ✓Lactoserum: Lactoserum is a biological nutrient for skin tissues extracted from milk. It assists skin regeneration and amplifies the beneficial effect of lactic acid.

Together, lactic acid and lactoserum make Lactacyd Liquid the ideal skin cleanser because it cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly as it conserves the physiological pH of the skin. Lactacyd Liquid is gentle and protective of skin. It is recommended by doctors to cleanse the skin of infants soon after birth. Human skin is naturally acidic and must be kept acidic. This acidity provides the skin with protection against harmful bacteria and the loss of its natural oils and moisture. The normal and desirable skin pH ranges from 3.5-5.2. When the pH fluctuates beyond these levels, the skin loses its acidity and becomes alkaline. In this alkaline state, the skin loses its resistance against bacterial attacks and becomes susceptible to irritations, infections, even skin diseases. The skin also loses its natural oils and moisture that keep it soft, smooth and supple. By their very nature, ordinary bath soaps contain washing sodas are alkaline. Being alkaline, soaps alter the skin's normal pH from acidic to alkaline and this renders the skin susceptible to harmful bacterial attacks. To make matters worse, ordinary soaps also contain synthetic ingredients eg, heavy perfumes, detergents which are alkaline and colouring agents which may aggravate the problem. 

 ①For face washing and skin care, bath or shower: 
✓ Lactacyd Liquid is used like a liquid soap or may be diluted 1:3. Rinse thoroughly. Lactacyd Liquid can also be used in the presence of skin problems eg, acne (pimples), pruritus (itching), mycosis (fungal infection) and eczema.

 ②For scalp care: 
✓Lactacyd Liquid can be used like a shampoo and is indicated especially for seborrhea (dandruff). 

 ③For daily bathing of infants: 
✓dilute 3-4 spoonfuls of Lactacyd Liquid into the tub water. Lactacyd Liquid protects the delicate skin from diaper rash and dermatitis.

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