Saturday, April 30, 2011

insyALLAH doa saya mengiringi encik aris..

my dear blog,

a day after the electrical paper exam, my friends and i were going to IJN to visit our beloved lecturer, IR was on saturday. which we got some gap for next paper. Alhamdulillah. We went there smoothly.denied the jammed.

as we arrived at the IJN, we first met encik aris's family. Encik Aris was warded in ccu. he been there for about two weeks.after had some chit chat with the family, me and one of my friend went to see encik. only 2 person per entry to the ward.

we met encik aris for the first time after the last class, my heart beat fastly. i felt so sad. :'(
he is the happiest lecturer personally. everbody pon like kot to go to his class.
honestly, i'm not good and do not have interest before this toward electrical subject. BUT, because of encik aris lah my interest blooming !the way he teaches lain kot and can develop interest tau for this subject.
syukur alhamdulillah..

back to the hospital. encik aris was cry during our visit. and at that time, i try not to cry in front of him. we not talked too much because encik wore that bantuan pernafasan.
he said: GEMBIRA!
masa tu, syukur sangat-sangat encik gembira. his wife also cry.....
after 10 mins chit chat macam tu, the nurse yang macam warden dah asked us to leave to let other visitor.
encik, bertabahlah!

as i walked out from the ccu, my tears came out. :'(
i straightly went to the toilet. i cried there. my friend came and we both were crying together....

“Ya Allah ! Hilangkanlah penyakitnya, wahai Tuhan bagi manusia sembuhkanlah, Engkaulah yang menyembuhkan tidak ada sembuhan melainkan sembuhan dariMu jua, sesuatu sembuhan yang tidak meninggalkan sebarang penyakit”

i hope you will fine.the way you were before, encik aris.....get well soon!
insyALLAH doa saya mengiringi ibu bapa, keluarga, para pendidik, rakan-rakan dan seluruh muslimin dan muslimat..